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Profile picture of Leif Lönnblad. Photo.

Leif Lönnblad

Professor of Theoretical Physics

Profile picture of Leif Lönnblad. Photo.

QCD challenges from pp to A–A collisions


  • J. Adolfsson
  • A. Andronic
  • C. Bierlich
  • P. Bozek
  • S. Chakraborty
  • P. Christiansen
  • D. D. Chinellato
  • R. J. Fries
  • G. Gustafson
  • H. van Hees
  • P. M. Jacobs
  • D. J. Kim
  • L. Lönnblad
  • M. Mace
  • O. Matonoha
  • A. Mazeliauskas
  • A. Morsch
  • A. Nassirpour
  • A. Ohlson
  • A. Ortiz
  • A. Oskarsson
  • I. Otterlund
  • G. Paić
  • D. V. Perepelitsa
  • C. Plumberg
  • R. Preghenella
  • R. Rapp
  • C. O. Rasmussen
  • A. Rossi
  • O. V. Rueda
  • A. V.D. Silva
  • D. Silvermyr
  • A. Timmins
  • T. Sjöstrand
  • R. Törnkvist
  • M. Utheim
  • V. Vislavicius
  • U. A. Wiedemann
  • K. Zapp
  • W. Zhao

Summary, in English

This paper is a write-up of the ideas that were presented, developed and discussed at the third International Workshop on QCD Challenges from pp to A–A, which took place in August 2019 in Lund, Sweden (Workshop link: The goal of the workshop was to focus on some of the open questions in the field and try to come up with concrete suggestions for how to make progress on both the experimental and theoretical sides. The paper gives a brief introduction to each topic and then summarizes the primary results.


  • Particle Physics
  • Theoretical Particle Physics
  • eSSENCE: The e-Science Collaboration

Publishing year





European Physical Journal A





Document type

Journal article review




  • Subatomic Physics




  • ISSN: 1434-6001