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Particle physics seminars

The (TE)HEP science coffees and the THEP Informal sessions

This is the joint seminar series of the theoretical and experimental high energy physics groups. Present organizers are Roman Pasechnik (theory seminars) and Alice Ohlson (experiment seminars). Seminars are usually on Tuesdays at 11.15 in the HUB lecture room (previously called seminar room D) for the theory seminars or in H422 for the experiment seminars.

Seminars autumn 2022

Slides and recordings on the Science Coffee Indico page

Science Coffee seminars

  • Thursday 15 December, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Dag Gillberg (Carleton U.)
    Title: Multi-dimensional measurements using multivariate techniques -- the future of particle physics precision measurements?
  • Thursday 8 December, HUB, 15.15
    Károly Seller (Budapest, ELTE)
    Title: Cosmological implications of a U(1) extension of the Standard Model
  • Thursday 1 December, HUB, 13.15
    Christoph Bartsch (Charles University, Prague)
    Title: Recursion Relations for One-Loop Goldstone Boson Amplitudes
  • Tuesday 29 November, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Hannah Herde (Lund)
    Title: ATLAS’ Inner Tracker: a Silicon Detector for the High Luminosity LHC Era
  • Tuesday 22 November, HUB, 11.15
    Antonio Onofre (CERN & Minho U. in Braga, Portugal)
    Title: Why are top quark spin observables so interesting at the LHC?
  • Tuesday 8 November, HUB, 11.15
    Matteo Di Carlo (University of Edinburgh)
    Title: QED and strong isospin breaking effects in leptonic decays on the lattice
  • Tuesday 1 November, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Tuomas V. I. Tenkanen (Nordita & Tsung-Dao Lee Institute)
    Title: Cosmological phase transition thermodynamics: pushing perturbation theory to its limits
  • Tuesday 18 October, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Antonio Ortiz Velasquez (Mexico U., ICN)
    Title: Flattenicity: a new event classifier to study pp collisions
  • Tuesday 11 October, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Volodymyr Kotlyar
    Title: Bottom quark and non-prompt J/psi production in association with Z-boson at the LHC energies
  • Tuesday 4 October, Teorilabbet and on zoom, 11.15
    Jochen Klein (CERN)
    Title: ALICE 3: The future of heavy-ion physics at the LHC
  • Tuesday 27 September, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Peter Skands (Monash U.)
    Title: A Shower with NNLO Matrix-Element Corrections
  • Tuesday 20 September, Teorilabbet and on zoom, 11.15
    Jana Günther (U. Wuppertal)
    Title: Continuing to finite density – the QCD phase diagram with Lattice QCD
  • Friday 16 September, Teorilabbet and on zoom, 11.15
    Giordon Stark (U. of California, Santa Cruz)
    Title: Party Call Physics: likelihoods and classifiers
  • Tuesday 13 September, Teorilabbet, 11.15
    Zurab Berezhiani (INFN L'Aquila)
    Title: Neutron-dark matter connection
  • Thursday 8 September, Teorilabbet and on Zoom, 11.15
    Guilherme Milhano (LIP Lisbon)
    Title: What is a quenched jet?
  • Tuesday 6 September, Lundmarksalen and on zoom, 16.00
    Constantino Tsallis [Brazilian Center for Physical Research (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 
    and Santa Fe Institute (New Mexico, USA)]
    Popular science lecture in physics: Entropy – Measuring the uncertainty
    More information is found here and slides are available here
  • Tuesday 6 September, Teorilabbet and on zoom, 11.15
    Natalia Milas (ESS)
    Title: MuCol: a new Muon Collider initiative for Europe
  • Thursday 25 August, H422 and on zoom, 11.15
    Laura Fabbietti (TU Munich)
    Title: The dark side of ALICE: from antinuclei interactions to dark matter searches in space
  • Thursday 7 July, HUB, 15.15
    Simon Plätzer (Graz U. and Vienna U. and Schrodinger Inst., Vienna)
    Title: Colour Evolution and Infrared Physics

Seminars spring 2022

Slides and recordings on the Science Coffee Indico page

Science Coffee seminars

  • Tuesday 14 June, HUB, 11.15
    Wolfgang Schafer (Krakow IFJ)
    Title: Centrality dependence of dilepton production and the Wigner distributions of photons in nuclei
  • Tuesday 31 May, H422, 11.15
    Antonio Morais (Aveiro U.)
    Title: The origin of flavour anomalies from neutrino properties
  • Tuesday 10 May, K262 and on zoom, 11.15
    Anna Önnerstad (University of Jyväskylä)
    Title: Improving Bayesian parameter estimation of QCD matter with the latest LHC data
  • Tuesday 5 April, Teorilabbet and on zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Kristof Schmieden (Mainz)
    Title: Searches for axions and similar particles - from µeV to TeV
  • Tuesday 29 March, H422 and on zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Daniel Zerzion (CERN)
    Title: Detecting gravitational waves with the LHC and some ideas for more fundamental science with neutrons

Seminars autumn 2021

Slides and recordings on the Science Coffee Indico page

Science Coffee seminars

  • Tuesday 16 November, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Erin O'Sullivan (Uppsala)
    Supernova neutrino physics with IceCube and Hyper-Kamiokande
  • Tuesday 9 November, Zoom & in-person, Teorilabbet (K308), 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Valentina Santoro (ESS)
    Free neutron oscillations searches at the ESS
  • Tuesday 2 November, Zoom & in-person, Teorilabbet (K308), 11.15
    Tommaso Dorigo (INFN Padova)
    Toward the end-to-end optimization of the design of experiments
  • Tuesday 19 October, Zoom & in-person, Lundmarksalen, 18.00
    Francesco Sannino (CP3 Odense & Federico II U.)
    Public lecture "The physics garage: From string theory to pandemics" (registration)
  • Thursday 16 September, Zoom & in-person, Teorilabbet (K308), 13.15
    Hannah Elfner (FIAS)
    Exploring the QCD phase diagram: Approaching the phase transition from the hadronic side
  • Tuesday 7 September, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Timea Vitos (Lund)
    Making the colour matrix sparse at next-to-leading colour
  • Tuesday 24 August, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Jannik Geisen (Lund)
    Look at the dark side: dark sector and jet physics with the ATLAS experiment

Seminars spring 2021

Slides and recordings on the Science Coffee Indico page

Science Coffee and informal talks

  • Tuesday 8 June, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Andrea Celentano (INFN Genoa)
    POKER: POsitron resonant annihilation into darK mattER
  • Tuesday 1 June, Zoom, 14.15 (short intro at 14:00)
    Craig Group (University of Virginia)
    A Renaissance for Muon Physics (Who ordered that?)
  • Tuesday 25 May, Zoom, 11.15 (informal session)
    Mattias Sjö (Lund)
    Projective Geometry and Amplitudes
  • Tuesday 4 May, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Robin Törnkvist (Lund)
    Collective flow in single hit QCD kinetic theory
  • Tuesday 20 April, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Timon Emken (Chalmers)
    The particle accelerator in the sky - Solar reflection of sub-GeV dark matter
  • Tuesday 30 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Conor Fitzpatrick (Manchester)
    Doing more with less: The evolution of the LHCb experiment trigger and selected physics results
  • Tuesday 23 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Eva Brottmann (Lund)
    Searches for new physics phenomena with jet final states in ATLAS
  • Tuesday 16 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Attila Krasznahorkay (CERN)
    Using (GPU) Accelerators in HEP Software
  • Tuesday 23 February, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Zhi-Wei Wang (CP3-Origins)
    Journey towards asymptotically safe standard model and unexploded Higgs: from large Nf to large Q
  • Informal session: Tuesday 9 February, Zoom, 11.15
    Aron Mees van Kampen (Antwerpen)
    The parton branching method for TMD evolution and applications at the LHC
  • Informal session: Thursday 28 January, Zoom, 15.15
    Mattias Sjö (Lund)
    FORM: an inFORMal introduction
  • Tuesday 26 January, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Adam Takacs (Bergen)
    Medium induced parton showers
  • Tuesday 19 January, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Andrew Lifson (Lund)
    Chirality-flow formalism
  • Informal session: Tuesday 12 January, Zoom, 11.15
    Andrew Lifson (Lund)
    Informal presentation on spin, the little group, and the spinor helicity method


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