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Particle physics seminars

The (TE)HEP science coffees and the THEP Informal sessions

This is the joint seminar series of the theoretical and experimental high energy physics groups. Present organizers are Roman Pasechnik (theory seminars) and Alice Ohlson (experiment seminars). Seminars are usually on Tuesdays at 11.15 in the HUB lecture room (previously called seminar room D) for the theory seminars or in H422 for the experiment seminars.

During the pandemic we arrange all the seminars remotely via Zoom.

Seminars spring 2021

Science Coffee and informal talks

  • Tuesday 4 May, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Robin Törnkvist (Lund)
    Collective flow in single hit QCD kinetic theory
  • Tuesday 20 April, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Timon Emken (Chalmers)
    The particle accelerator in the sky - Solar reflection of sub-GeV dark matter
  • Tuesday 30 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Conor Fitzpatrick (Manchester)
    Doing more with less: The evolution of the LHCb experiment trigger and selected physics results
  • Tuesday 23 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Eva Brottmann (Lund)
    Searches for new physics phenomena with jet final states in ATLAS
  • Tuesday 16 March, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Attila Krasznahorkay (CERN)
    Using (GPU) Accelerators in HEP Software
  • Tuesday 23 February, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Zhi-Wei Wang (CP3-Origins)
    Journey towards asymptotically safe standard model and unexploded Higgs: from large Nf to large Q
  • Informal session: Tuesday 9 February, Zoom, 11.15
    Aron Mees van Kampen (Antwerpen)
    The parton branching method for TMD evolution and applications at the LHC
  • Informal session: Thursday 28 January, Zoom, 15.15
    Mattias Sjö (Lund)
    FORM: an inFORMal introduction
  • Tuesday 26 January, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Adam Takacs (Bergen)
    Medium induced parton showers
  • Tuesday 19 January, Zoom, 11.15 (short intro at 11:00)
    Andrew Lifson (Lund)
    Chirality-flow formalism
  • Informal session: Tuesday 12 January, Zoom, 11.15
    Andrew Lifson (Lund)
    Informal presentation on spin, the little group, and the spinor helicity method


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