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TPP publications 2020


  • Johan Bijnens, Nils Hermansson-Truedsson, Laetitia Laub, Antonio Rodríguez-Sánchez
    Short-distance HLbL contributions to the muon anomalous magnetic moment beyond perturbation theory
    LU-TP 20-47, arXiv:2008.13487 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Alexander Belyaev, Stefan Prestel, Felipe Rojas-Abbate, Jose Zurita
    Probing Dark Matter with Disappearing Tracks at the LHC
    LU-TP 20-45, arXiv:2008.08581 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Christopher Plumberg
    Hanbury Brown--Twiss Interferometry and Collectivity in Small Systems
    LU-TP 20-44, arXiv:2008.01709 [nucl-th] [ abspdf ]
  • Rikkert Frederix, Timea Vitos
    Electroweak corrections to the angular coefficients in finite-pT Z-boson production and dilepton decay
    LU-TP 20-42, arXiv:2007.08867 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Margarete Müllheitner, Marco O.P. Sampalo, Rui Santos, Jonas Wittbrodt
    ScannerS: Parameter Scans in Extended Scalar Sectors
    LU-TP 20-38, arXiv:2007.02985 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Davide Pagani, Ioannis Tsinikos, Eleni Vryonidou
    NLO QCD+EW predictions for tHj and tZj production at the LHC
    LU-TP 20-33, arXiv:2006.10086 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Astrid Ordell, Roman Pasechnik, Hugo Serôdio
    Anomaly-free 2HDMs with a gauged abelian symmetry and two generations of right-handed neutrinos
    LU-TP 20-28, arXiv:2006.08676 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • HiggsBounds-5: Testing Higgs Sectors in the LHC 13 TeV Era
    Philip Bechtle, Daniel Dercks, Sven Heinemeyer, Tobias Klingl, Tim Stefaniak, Georg Weiglein, Jonas Wittbrodt
    LU-TP 20-27, arXiv:2006.06007 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Jeppe R. Andersen, Christian Gutschow, Andreas Maier, Stefan Prestel
    A Positive Resampler for Monte Carlo Events with Negative Weights
    LU-TP 20-21, arXiv:2005.09375 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Johan Bijnens, Antonio Rodríguez-Sánchez et al.
    The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon in the Standard Model
    LU-TP 20-20, arXiv:2006.04822 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Rikkert Frederix, Ioannis Tsinikos
    Subleading EW corrections and spin-correlation effects in t-tbar-W multi-lepton signatures
    LU-TP 20-19, arXiv:2004.09552 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Isabell Engeln, Pedro Ferreira, M. Margarete Mühlleitner, Rui Santos, Jonas Wittbrodt
    The Dark Phases of the N2HDM
    LU-TP 20-18, arXiv:2004.05382 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Andrew Lifson, Christian Reuschle, Malin Sjödahl
    The chirality-flow formalism
    LU-TP 20-16, arXiv:2003.05877 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Torbjörn Sjöstrand, Marius Utheim
    A Framework for Hadronic Rescattering in pp Collisions
    LU-TP 20-11, arXiv:2005.05658 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Rikkert Frederix, S. Frixione, Stefan Prestel, P. Torrielli
    On the reduction of negative weights in MC@NLO-type matching procedures
    LU-TP 20-09, arXiv:2002.12716 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Christian Bierlich, Andy Buckley, Christian Holm Christensen, Peter Harald Lindenov Christiansen, Cody B. Duncan, Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus, Przemyslaw Karczmarczyk, Patrick Kirchgaeßer, Jochen Klein, Leif Lönnblad, Roberto Preghenella, Christine O. Rasmussen, Maria Stefaniak, Vytautas Vislavicus
    Confronting Experimental Data with Heavy-Ion Models: Rivet for Heavy Ions
    LU-TP 20-04, arXiv:2001.10737 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]
  • Leif Gellersen, Stefan Prestel
    Scale and Scheme Variations in Unitarized NLO Merging
    LU-TP 20-03, arXiv:2001.10746 [hep-ph] [ abspdf ]


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