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Door sign templates

These are instructions for how to make signs for the offices at Theoretical Physics. They may work at Astronomy too, if the holders are the same size.

Templates and instructions were created by Bosse.

For seniors and other staff with a private office, there are these template files:

while for those sharing a room (or sign), there are instead

  1. Copy the proper file to a suitable directory of yours.
  2. Then open it with GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program which is installed on the Linux system (if you don't have it, ask someone who has it to help you).
  3. Open the Layers dialogue under the Windows menu (or under Windows/Dockable Dialogs), to be able to manipulate the different layers of the image.
  4. For each of the text layers (containing names, titles, phone numbers, email addresses), double-click on its thumbnail and edit the text.
  5. The namnskylt-single-*.xcf files also have a photo layer:
    1. Make a new layer from a jpeg file with your portrait.
    2. Right-click on the thumbnail for the photo layer, and scale it to a suitable size (e.g. height 678).
    3. Double-click the thumbnail, and exit the dialogue to give it focus. Shift it into position with the arrow keys.
    4. Remove the old photo layer. Make sure the other layers, including the new photo layer, are all visible (click on the eye icon).
  6. Finally, print to the color printer ('copy'), then cut the paper as indicated by the blue fields – it then should fit under the plastic cover (it's easily removable by pulling it out by its lower edge) on the wall next to your office.
  7. Insert the name sign under the cover, put the cover back, and enjoy!