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Introductory meetings

Autumn 2021 - First study period

Here you find a list of where and when introductory meetings for various courses within Astronomy and Theoretical Physics are held this study period.

Courses in Theoretical Physics

NAFYK Master Programme

Where: Sal A, Physics Department
When: Monday 30 August 13.15
Carl Troein - carl [dot] troein [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se
Roman Pasechnik - roman [dot] pasechnik [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

FYTN01 Mathematical Methods of Physics

Where: Online on Zoom
When: Monday 30 August 15.15
Teachers: Rikkert Frederix - rikkert [dot] frederix [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

FYTB13 Electromagnetism

Where: Lundmarksalen, Astronomy
When: Monday 30 August 16.15
Johan Rathsman - johan [dot] rathsman [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se
Korinna Zapp - korinna [dot] zapp [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

FYTK02 Bachelor Thesis - FYTM03/FYTM04 Master Thesis

Where: HUB (K364), Theoretical Physics
When: Tuesday 31 August 13.15
Tobias Ambjörnsson - tobias [dot] ambjornsson [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se
Malin Sjödahl - malin [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

FYTN03 Computational Physics

Where: Online on Zoom
When: Thursday 2 September 13:15
Teacher: Victor Olariu - victor [dot] olariu [at] thep [dot] lu [dot] se

Courses in Astronomy

NAAFY Master Programme

Where: Andromeda/Cassiopeia, Astronomy
When: Monday 30 August 9:30
Florent Renaud - florent [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se
Alex Mustill - alex [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se

ASTB01 Introduction to Astrophysics

Where: Lundmarksalen, Astronomy
When: Monday 30 August 10.15
Teachers: Thomas Bensby - thomas [dot] bensby [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se

ASTM19 Extragalactic Astronomy

Where: Lundmarksalen, Astronomy
When: Monday 30 August 13.15
Teachers: Oscar Agertz - oscar [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se

ASTM25 Stellar Structure and Evolution

Where: Lundmarksalen, Astronomy
When: Monday 30 August 15.15
Teachers: Ross Church - ross [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se

ASTK02 Bachelor Thesis

Where: Online on Zoom
When: Tuesday 31 August 13:15
Teacher: Paul McMillan - paul [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se

ASTA03 Astronomins grunder

Where: Digitalt på Zoom
When: Onsdag 1 september 18:15
Teacher: Nils Ryde - ryde [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se


Study advisor
Nils Ryde
studievagledning [at] atp [dot] lu [dot] se

Director of studies
Johan Rathsman
studierektor [at] atp [dot] lu [dot] se

Lund Observatory building. Photo.