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Course literature - Astronomy

Note that journal articles, reference books and other material may be added to the course literature of individual courses – see information on the respective course information pages in canvas

Freedman, R.A., Geller R. M. och Kaufmann, W. J. III: Universe. 10.ed. W.H. Freeman & Co., New York 2014.

Note: It is important that you get the accompanying CD-ROM with the Starry Nights Enthusiast program.

ISBN 978-1-464-12492-1

Bennett, J.O. and Shostak, G.S.: Life in the universe. 3.ed. Pearson, Upper Saddle River 2011.

ISBN 978-0321-74730-3

Fransson, C.: Modern kosmologi. Kompendium, Inst. för astronomi, Stockholm. HT 2006.

For sale at Media-Tryck, Lund University

Fritzsch, H.: Elementary particles. Building blocks of matter. World Scientific, Singapore 2005. - Available as e-book

ISBN 981-256-408-X (paper); ISBN 981-256-141-2 (hardback)

Sparke, L.S. and Gallagher, J.S.: Galaxies in the universe. 2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2007. - Available as e-book

ISBN: 978-0521-67186-6.

Ryden, B.: Introduction to cosmology. 2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2017.

ISBN 978-1-107-15483-4

Gray, D.: The observation and analysis of stellar photospheres. 3.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2008.

ISBN 978-0521-85186-2.

Juri Poutanens lecture notes on "Radiative Processes in Astrophysics", : Chapters 1-4 and 8. See also chapters 0.3-0.6 on units, physical constants, and vector analysis. These lecture notes are based mainly on F. H. Shu's The Physics of Astrophysics: Vol I, Radiation.

Karttunen, H., Kröger, P., Oja, H., Poutanen, M., Donner, K.J. (eds.): Fundamental astronomy (6th edition). Springer-Verlag, Berlin-Heidelberg 2017. - Available as e-book

ISBN 978-3-540-34143-7.

Den Svenska Almanackan. Almqvist & Wiksell.

Rothery, D.A., Gilmour, I. and Septhton, M.A. (eds.): An Introduction to Astrobiology, 3.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2018.

ISBN: 978-1-108-43083-8 (paperback).

Rosswog, S. and Brüggen, M.: Introduction to high-energy astrophysics. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2007.

ISBN 978-0521-67442-3 (paper); ISBN 978-0521-85769-7 (hardback)

Johansson, S.: Komplexa spektra. Kompendium. - Distributed by the department.

Litzén, U.: Atomic interaction in astrophysical plasmas. - Distributed by the department.

Thorne, A.P., Litzén, U., Johansson, S.: Spectrophysics – principles and applications. Springer-Verlag, Berlin 1999. ISBN 3-540-65117-9.

Out of print. For sale at Media-Tryck, Lund University

Chromey, F.R.: To measure the sky. An introduction to observational a stronomy. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2010. - Available as e-book

ISBN: 9780521747684 (paper), ISBN: 9780521763868 (hardback), Adobe e-book: ISBN: 9780511731006

Schneider, P.: Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology : An introduction. 2.ed. 2015, Springer, Berlin 2015.

ISBN: 978-3-642-54082-0

Supplemented by scientific articles

de Pater, I. and Lissauer, J.: Planetary sciences. 2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2010. ISBN 978-0- 521-85371-2 alt. Updated 2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2015

ISBN 978-1-107-091610

The course literature consists of handed out material only.

Prialnik, D.: An introduction to the theory of stellar structure and evolution. 2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2009.

ISBN 978-0521-86604-0

Lindegren, L.: Dynamical astronomy: Lecture Notes for ASTM13. Lund Observatory, 2010.

For sale at Media-Tryck, Lund University


Ivezic, Z. et al.: Statistics, data mining, and machine learning in astronomy: A practical Python guide for the analysis of survey data. Princeton Univ Press, 2019. - Available as e-book

ISBN 978-0-691-19830-9 (hardback)

Other suggested reading includes:

Wall, J.V., Jenkins, C.R.: Practical statistics for astronomers.2.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2012. - Available as e-book

ISBN 978-0521-73249-9.

Press, W.H., Teukolsky, S.A., Vetterling, W.T., Flannery, B.P. (eds.): Numerical recipes. The art of scientific computing. 3.ed. Cambridge Univ Press, Cambridge 2007.

ISBN 978-0521-88068-8, 978-0521-88407-5 (with source code CD-ROM).

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