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CBBP publications 2000-2009


The Proteios Software Environment: an extensible multiuser platform for management and analysis of proteomics data
J. Häkkinen, G. Vincic, O. Månsson, K. Wårell and F. Levander
Journal of Proteome Research 8, 3037-3043 (2009)
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BASE - 2nd generation software for microarray data management and analysis
J. Vallon-Christersson, N. Nordborg, M. Svensson and J. Häkkinen
BMC Bioinformatics 10, 330 (2009)
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Omics analyses reveal a potential link between hormone-sensitive lipase and polyamine metabolism
C. Fernandez, M. Krogh, K. Wårell, K. Alm, S. Oredsson, L. Persson, P. James and C. Holm
Journal of Proteome Research 8, 5008-5019 (2009)
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All-atom Monte Carlo approach to protein-peptide binding
I. Staneva and S. Wallin
Journal of Molecular Biology 393, 1118-1128 (2009)
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Diffusion of finite-sized hard-core interacting particles in a one-dimensional box: Tagged particle dynamics
L. Lizana and T. Ambjörnsson
Physical Review E 80, 051103 (2009)
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Expression of P190 and P210 BCR/ABL1 in normal human CD34+ cells induces similar gene expression profiles and results in a STAT5-dependent expansion of the erythroid lineage
M. Järås, P. Johnels, H. Ågerstam, C. Lassen, M. Rissler, P. Edén, J. Cammenga, T. Olofsson, O.W. Bjerrum, J. Richter, X. Fan and T. Fioretos
Experimental Hematology 37, 367-375 (2009)
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Single DNA denaturation and bubble dynamics
R. Metzler, T. Ambjörnsson, A. Hanke and H.C. Fogedby
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 034111 (2009)
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Bubble merging in breathing DNA as a vicious walker problem in opposite potentials
J.N. Pedersen, M.S. Hansen, T. Novotny, T. Ambjörnsson and R. Metzler
Journal of Chemical Physics 130, 164117 (2009)
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NMDA receptor stimulation induces reversible fission of the neuronal endoplasmic reticulum
K. Kucharz, M. Krogh, A.N. Ng and H. Toresson
PLoS ONE 4, e5250 (2009)
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Proteomic expression analysis and comparison of protein and mRNA expression profiles in human malignant gliomas
O. Persson, U. Brynnel, F. Levander, B. Widegren, L. Salford and M. Krogh
Proteomics - Clinical Applications 3, 83-94 (2009)
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How to find simple and accurate rules for viral protease cleavage specifities
T. Rögnvaldsson, T.A. Etchells, L. You, D. Garwicz, I.H. Jarman and P.J. G. Lisboa
BMC Bioinformatics 10, 149 (2009)
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Tissue-specific regulatory network extractor (TS-REX): a database and software resource for the tissue and cell type-specific investigation of transcription factor-gene networks
F. Colecchia, D. Kottwitz, M. Wagner, C. Pfenninger, G. Thiel, I. Tamm, C. Peterson and U. Nuber
Nucleic Acids Research 37, e82 (2009)
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Stem cell states, fates and the rules of attraction
T. Enver, M. Pera, C. Peterson and P.W. Andrews
Cell Stem Cell 4, 387-397 (2009)
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An effective all-atom potential for proteins
A. Irbäck, S. Mitternacht and S. Mohanty
PMC Biophysics 2, 2 (2009)
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Regulated transport as a mechanism for pattern generation: Capabilities for phyllotaxis and beyond
P. Sahlin, B. Söderberg and H. Jönsson
Journal of Theoretical Biology 258, 60-70 (2009)
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Exploring new possibilities for case based explanation of artificial neural network ensembles
M. Green, U. Ekelund, L. Edenbrandt, J. Björk, J.L. Forberg and M. Ohlsson
Neural Networks 22, 75-81 (2009)
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In search of the best method to predict acute coronary syndrome using only the electrocardiogram from the emergency department
J.L. Forberg, M. Green, J. Björk, M. Ohlsson, L. Edenbrandt, H. Öhlin and U. Ekelund
Journal of Electrocardiology 42, 58-63 (2009)
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Changing the mechanical unfolding pathway of FnIII10 by tuning the pulling strength
S. Mitternacht, S. Luccioli, A. Torcini, A. Imparato and A. Irbäck
Biophysical Journal 96, 429-441 (2009)
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Computational modeling of the hematopoietic erythroid-myeloid switch reveals insights into co-operativity, priming and irreversibility
V. Chickarmane, T. Enver and C. Peterson
PLoS Computational Biology 5, e1000268 (2009)
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Computer-assisted interpretation of planar whole-body bone scans
M. Sadik, I. Hamadeh, P. Nordblom, M. Suurkula, P. Höglund, M. Ohlsson and L. Edenbrandt
The Journal of Nuclear Medicine 49, 1958-1965 (2008)
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Developmental patterning by mechanical signals in Arabidopsis
O. Hamant, M. Heisler, H. Jönsson, P. Krupinski, M. Uyttewaal, P. Bokov, F. Corson, P. Sahlin, A. Boudaoud, E.M. Meyerowitz, Y. Couder and J. Traas
Science 322, 1650-1655 (2008)
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Formation and growth of oligomers: a Monte Carlo study of an amyloid tau fragment
D.-W. Li, S. Mohanty, A. Irbäck and S. Huo
PLoS Computational Biology 4, e1000238 (2008)
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A computational model for understanding stem cell, trophectoderm and endoderm lineage determination
V. Chickarmane and C. Peterson
PLoS ONE 3, e3478 (2008)
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Effects of the peripheral layers on the optical properties of spherical fish lenses
Y.L. Gagnon, B. Söderberg and R.H. Kröger
Journal of the Optical Society of America A 25, 2468-2475 (2008)
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Disturbed cholesterol homeostasis in hormone-sensitive lipase null mice
C. Fernandez, M. Lindholm, M. Krogh, S. Lucas, S. Larsson, P. Osmark, K. Berger, J. Boren, B.A. Fielding, K.N. Frayn and C. Holm
American Journal of Physiology. Endocrinology and Metabolism (2008)
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Explaining artificial neural network ensembles: A case study with electrocardiograms from chest pain patients
M. Green, U. Ekelund, L. Edenbrandt, J. Björk, J.L. Foreberg and M. Ohlsson
Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Machine Learning, ed. M. Hauskrecht (2008)
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Evaluation of a decision support system for interpretation of myocardial perfusion gated SPECT
M. Lomsky, P. Gjertsson, L. Johansson, J. Richter, M. Ohlsson, D. Tout, R.S. Underwood and L. Edenbrandt
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 35, 1523-1529 (2008)
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Detection of pancreatic cancer using antibody microarray-based serum protein profiling
J. Ingvarsson, C. Wingren, A. Carlsson, P. Ellmark, B. Wahren, G. Engström, U. Harmenberg, M. Krogh, C. Peterson and C.A.K. Borrebaeck
Proteomics 8, 2211-2219 (2008)
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Gene expression profiling in primary breast cancer distinguishes patients developing local recurrence after breast conservation surgery with or without postoperative radiotherapy
E. Niméus, M. Krogh, P. Malmström, C. Strand, I. Fredriksson, P. Karlsson, B. Nordenskjöld, O. Stål, G. Östberg, C. Peterson and M. Fernö
Breast Cancer Research 10, R34 (2008)
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Comments on Practical experiences on the necessity of external validation by I.R. König, J.D. Malley, C. Weimar, H.-C. Diener and A. Ziegler, Statistics in Medicine, DOI: 10.1002/sim.3069
J. Björk, M. Green and U. Ekelund
Statistics in Medicine 27, 2737-2738 (2008)
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Genes associatied with the tumor microenvironment are differentially expressed in cured versus primary chemotherapy-refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma
J. Linderoth, P. Edén, M. Ehinger, J. Valcich, M. Jerkeman, P.-O. Bendahl, M. Berglund, G. Enblad, M. Erlanson, G. Roos and E. Cavallin-Ståhl
British Journal of Haematology 141, 423-432 (2008)
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Metabolomic and proteomic analysis of a clonal producing β-cell line (INS-1 832/13)
C. Fernandez, U. Fransson, E. Hallgard, P. Spégel, C. Holm, M. Krogh, K. Wårell, P. James and H. Mulder
Journal of Proteome Research 1, 400-411 (2008)
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Spontaneous β-barrel formation: an all-atom Monte Carlo study of Aβ(16-22) oligomerization
A. Irbäck and S. Mitternacht
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 71 207-214 (2008)
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Accounting for one-channel depletion improves missing value imputation in 2-dye microarray data
C. Ritz and P. Edén
BMC Genomics 19:25 (2008)
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Recurrent gross mutations of the PTEN tumor suppressor gene in breast cancers with deficient DSB repair
L.H. Saal, S.K. Gruvberger-Saal, C. Persson, K. Lövgren, M. Jumpannen, J. Staaf, G. Jönsson, M. Pires, M. Maurer, K. Holm, S. Koujak, S. Subramaniyam, J. Vallon-Christersson, H. Olsson, T. Su, L. Memeo, T. Ludwig, S.P. Ethier, M. Krogh, M. Szabolcs, V.V. V.S. Murty, J. Isola, H. Hibshoosh, R. Parsons and Å. Borg
Nature Genetics 40, 102-107 (2008)
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Protein folding, unfolding and aggregation studied using an all-atom model with a simplified interaction potential
A. Irbäck
Lecture Notes in Physics 736, 269-291 (2008)


Improved modeling of the substrate specificities of HIV-1 protease
T. Rögnvaldsson, T.A. Etchells, L. You, D. Garwicz, P.J. G. Lisboa and I. Jarman
LU TP 07-31

SPECLUST: a web tool for clustering of mass spectra
P. Johansson, R. Alm, C. Emanuelsson, J. Häkkinen and M. Ringnér
LU TP 07-14
Abstract ]

Bioinformatic approaches for modeling the substrate specificity of HIV-1 protease: An overview
T. Rögnvaldsson, L. You and D. Garwicz
Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics 7, 435-451 (2007)
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Confirmation of a BRAF mutation-associated gene expression signature in melanoma
P. Johansson, S. Pavey and N. Hayward
Pigment Cell Research 20, 216-221 (2007)
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Understanding prediction systems for HLA-binding peptides and T-cell epitope identification
L. You, P. Zhang, M. Bodén and V. Brusic
Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics 4774, 337-348 (2007)
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Large-scale proteomics analysis of human ovarian cancer for biomarkers
S. Bengtsson, M. Krogh, C.A. Szigyarto, M. Uhlen, K. Schedvins, C. Silfverswärd, S. Linder, G. Auer, A. Alaiya and P. James
Journal of Proteome Research 6, 1440 -1450 (2007)
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Hypothermia affects translocation of numerous cytoplasmic proteins following global cerebral ischemia
M. Teilum, M. Krogh, T. Wieloch and G. Mattiasson
Journal of Proteome Research 6, 2822 -2832 (2007)
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Microarray analysis of gliomas reveals chromosomal position-associated gene expression patterns and identifies potential immunotherapy targets
O. Persson, M. Krogh, L.H. Saal, E. Englund, J. Liu, R. Parsons, N. Mandahl, Å. Borg, B. Widegren and L.G. Salford
Journal of Neuro-Oncology 85, 11-24 (2007)
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Proteomic analysis of striatal proteins in a rat model of L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia
B. Valastro, A. Dekundy, M. Krogh, M. Lundblad, P. James, W. Danysz, G. Quack and M.A. Cenci
Journal of Neurochemistry 102, 1395-409 (2007)
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Proteomic variation is larger within than between strawberry varieties
R. Alm, A. Ekefjärd, M. Krogh, J. Häkkinen and C. Emanuelsson
Journal of Proteome Research 6, 3011-3020 (2007)
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Self-organization in high-density bacterial colonies: efficient crowd control
H. Cho, H. Jönsson, K. Campbell, P. Melke, J. W. Williams, B. Jedynak, A.M. Stevens, A. Groisman and A. Levchenko
PLoS Biology 5, e302 (2007)
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A probabilistic treatment of the missing spot problem in 2D gel electrophoresis experiments
M. Krogh, C. Fernandez, M. Teilum, S. Bengtsson and P. James
Journal of Proteome Research 6, 3335-3343 (2007)
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The molecular signature of MDS stem cells supports a stem cell origin of 5q- myelodysplastic syndromes
L. Nilsson, P. Edén, E. Olsson, R. Månsson, I. Åstrand-Grundström, B. Strömbeck, K. Theilgaard-Moench, K. Anderson, R. Hast, E. Hellström-Lindberg, J. Samuelsson, G. Bergh, C. Nerlov, B. Johansson, M. Sigvardsson, Å. Borg and S.E. Jacobsen
Blood 110, 3005-3014 (2007)
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Is transcriptional regulation of metabolic pathways an optimal strategy for fitness?
C. Troein, D. Ahrén, M. Krogh and C. Peterson
PLoS ONE 9, e855 (2007)
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Genomic profiling of malignant melanoma using tiling-resolution arrayCGH
G. Jönsson, C. Dahl, J. Staaf, T. Sandberg, P.-O. Bendahl, M. Ringnér, P. Guldberg and Å. Borg
Oncogene 26, 4738-4748 (2007)
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Comparison of standard resampling methods for performance estimation of artificial neural network ensembles
M. Green and M. Ohlsson
In Proceedings of Third International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Medicine and Healthcare, Plymouth, England, ed. E. Ifeachor (2007)
Abstract ] [ PDF ]

The mass distance fingerprint: a statistical framework for de novo detection of predominant modifications using high-accuracy MS
F. Potthast, B. Gerrits, J. Häkkinen, D. Rutishauser, C.H. Ahrens, B. Roschitzki, K. Baerenfaller, R. Munton, P. Walther, S.N. Lövenich, P. Gehrig, P. Seif, P.H. Seeberger and R. Schlapbach
Journal of Chromatography B854, 173-182 (2007)
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Microarray-based classification of a consecutive series of 121 childhood acute leukemias: prediction of leukemic and genetic subtype as well as of minimal residual disease status
A. Andersson, C. Ritz, D. Lindgren, P. Edén, C. Lassen, J. Heldrup, T. Olofsson, J. Råde, M. Fontes, A. Porwit-McDonald, M. Behrendtz, M. Höglund, B. Johansson and T. Fioretos
Leukemia 21, 1198-1203 (2007)
Abstract ]

Revealing signaling pathway deregulation by using gene expression signatures and regulatory motif analysis
Y. Liu and M. Ringnér
Genome Biology 8, R77 (2007)
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Best leads in the standard electrocardiogram for the emergency detection of acute coronary syndrome
M. Green, M. Ohlsson, J.L. Forberg, J. Björk, L. Edenbrandt and U. Ekelund
Journal of Electrocardiology 40, 251-256 (2007)
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Differences in solution behavior among four semiconductor-binding peptides
S. Mitternacht, S. Schnabel, M. Bachmann, W. Janke and A. Irbäck
Journal of Physical Chemistry B111, 4355-4360 (2007)
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Poor prognosis in carcinoma is associated with a gene expression signature of aberrant PTEN tumor suppressor pathway activity
L.H. Saal, P. Johansson, K. Holm, S.K. Gruvberger-Saal, Q.B. She, M. Maurer, S. Koujak, A.A. Ferrando, P. Malmström, L. Memeo, J. Isola, P.O. Bendahl, N. Rosen, H. Hibshoosh, M. Ringnér, Å. Borg and R. Parsons
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 104, 7564-7569 (2007)
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Estrogen receptor β expression is associated with tamoxifen response in ERα-negative breast carcinoma
S.K. Gruvberger-Saal, P.O. Bendahl, L.H. Saal, M. Laakso, P. Edén, C. Peterson, P. Malmström, J. Isola, Å. Borg and M. Fernö
Clinical Cancer Research 13, 1987-1994 (2007)
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High-resolution genomic profiles of breast cancer cell lines assessed by tiling BAC array comparative genomic hybridization
G. Jönsson, J. Staaf, E. Olsson, M. Heidenblad, J. Vallon-Christersson, K. Osoegawa, P. de Jong, S. Oredsson, M. Ringnér, M. Höglund and Å. Borg
Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer 46, 543-558 (2007)
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Proteomic data exchange and storage: using proteios
P. Gärdén and R. Alm
Methods in Molecular Biology 367, 241-60 (2007)
Abstract ]

Automated reporting from gel-based proteomics experiments using the open source Proteios database application
F. Levander, M. Krogh, K. Wårell, P. Gärdén, P. James and J. Häkkinen
Proteomics 7, 668-674 (2007)
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Somatostatin effects on the proteome of the LNCaP cell-line
Z. Liu, S. Bengtsson, M. Krogh, M. Marquez, S. Nilsson, P. James, A. Aliaya and A.R. Holmberg
International Journal of Oncology 30, 1173-1179 (2007)

Diagnostic and prognostic gene expression signatures in 177 soft tissue sarcomas: hypoxia-induced transcription profile signifies metastatic potential
P. Francis, H.M. Namløs, C. Müller, P. Edén, J. Fernebro, J.-M. Berner, B. Bjerkehagen, M. Åkerman, P.-O. Bendahl, A. Isinger, A. Rydholm, O.Myklebost and M. Nilbert
BMC Genomics 8, 73 (2007)
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Basal-like phenotype is not associated with patient survival in estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancers
M. Jumppanen, S. Gruvberger-Saal, P. Kauraniemi, M. Tanner, P.O. Bendahl, M. Lundin, M. Krogh, P. Kataja, Å. Borg, M. Fernö and J. Isola
Breast Cancer Research 9, R16 (2007)
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Modelling meristem development in plants
M. Heisler and H. Jönsson
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 10, 92-97 (2007)
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Classification of genomic and proteomic data using support vector machines
P. Johansson and M. Ringnér
In Fundamentals of Data Mining in Genomics and Proteomics, eds. D.P. Berrar, W. Dubitzky and M. Granzow, Springer Verlag, pp. 187-202 (2007)

Automated interpretation of PET/CT images in patients with lung cancer
H. Gutte, D. Jakobsson, F. Olofsson, M. Ohlsson, S. Valind, A. Loft, L. Edenbrandt and A. Kjær
Nuclear Medicine Communications 28, 79-84 (2007)
Abstract ]

Analysis of DIGE data using a linear mixed model allowing for protein-specific dye effects
M. Krogh, Y. Liu, S. Waldemarson, B. Valastro and P. James
Proteomics 7, 4235-4244 (2007)
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Computer modeling of plant development
M. Heisler and H. Jönsson
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 25, 267-269 (2006)
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Modeling auxin transport and plant development
M. Heisler and H. Jönsson
Journal of Plant Growth Regulation 25, 302-312 (2006)
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Detection of cleavage sites for HIV-1 protease in native proteins
L. You
Proceeding of LSS Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, Stanford, CA, August 14-18 (2006)

A rate equation approach to elucidate the kinetics and robustness of the TGF-β pathway
P. Melke, H. Jönsson, P. ten Dijke, E. Pardali and C. Peterson
Biophysical Journal 91, 4368-4380 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF ]

Comparison between neural networks and multiple logistic regression to predict acute coronary syndrome in the emergency room
M. Green, J. Björk, J. Forberg, U. Ekelund, L. Edenbrandt and M. Ohlsson
Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 38, 305-318 (2006)
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Protein aggregation and unfolding studied using an all-atom model with a simplified energy function
A. Irbäck and S. Mitternacht
In Proceedings of the Workshop From Computational Biophysics to Systems Biology 2006, Jülich, eds. H.E. Hansmann et al., pp. 15-20 (2006)

Gene expression profilers and conventional clinical markers to predict distant recurrences for premenopausal breast cancer patients after adjuvant chemotherapy
E. Niméus-Malmström, C. Ritz, P. Edén, A. Johnsson, C. Strand, G. Östberg, M. Fernö and C. Peterson
European Journal of Cancer 42, 2729-2737 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ HTML at journal ]

Thermal versus mechanical unfolding of ubiquitin
A. Irbäck and S. Mitternacht
Proteins: Structure, Function, and Bioinformatics 65, 759-766 (2006)
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Transcriptional dynamics of the embryonic stem cell switch
V. Chickarmane, C. Troein, U. Nuber, H.M. Sauro and C. Peterson
PLoS Computational Biology 2, e123 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Supplement ] [ HTML at journal ]

An introduction to BASE
C. Troein, J. Vallon-Christersson and L.H. Saal
In Methods in Enzymology 441, DNA Microarrays, Part B: Databases and Statistics, eds. A. Kimmel and B. Oliver, pp. 99-119, Elsevier (2006)
Abstract ] [ HTML at journal ]

Pulsatile blood flow, shear force, energy dissipation and Murray´s Law
P.R. Painter, P. Edén and H.-U. Bengtsson
Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 3 (2006)
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The added value of ECG-gating for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction using myocardial perfusion scintigraphy and artificial neural networks
P. Gjertsson, M. Lomsky, J. Richter, M. Ohlsson, D. Tout, A. van Aswegen, R. Underwood and L. Edenbrandt
Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging 26, 301-304 (2006)
Abstract ]

Osteopontin is a downstream effector of the PI3-kinase pathway in melanomas that is inversely correlated with functional PTEN
L. Packer, S. Pavey, A. Parker, M. Stark, P. Johansson, B. Clarke, P. Pollock, M. Ringnér and N. Hayward
Carcinogenesis 27, 1778-1786 (2006)
Abstract ] [ HTML at journal ]

A simple statistical model for prediction of acute coronary syndrome in chest pain patients in the emergency department
J. Björk, J.L. Forberg, M. Ohlsson, L. Edenbrandt, H. Öhlin and U. Ekelund
BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making 6 (2006)
Abstract ] [ HTML at journal ]

Risk factor identification and mortality prediction in cardiac surgery using artificial neural networks
J. Nilsson, M. Ohlsson, L. Thulin, P. Höglund, S.A. Nashef and J. Brandt
The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 132, 12-19 (2006)
Abstract ] [ HTML at journal ]

PROFASI: a Monte Carlo simulation package for protein folding and aggregation
A. Irbäck and S. Mohanty
Journal of Computational Chemistry 27, 1548-1555 (2006)
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Improving missing value imputation of microarray data by using spot quality weights
P. Johansson and J. Häkkinen
BMC Bioinformatics 7, 306 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ HTML at journal ]

Patient gender and radiopharmaceutical tracer is of minor importance for the interpretation of myocardial perfusion images using an artificial neural network
K. Tägil, R.S. Underwood, G. Davies, K.A. Latus, M. Ohlsson, C. Wallin and L. Edenbrandt
Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging 26, 146-150 (2006)
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A new computer-based decision-support system for the interpretation of bone scans
M. Sadik, D. Jakobsson, F. Olofsson, M. Ohlsson, M. Suurkula and L. Edenbrandt
Nuclear Medicine Communications 27, 417-423 (2006)
Abstract ]

Decision support for the initial triage of patients with acute myocardial infarction
S.-E. Olsson, M. Ohlsson, H. Öhlin, S. Dzaferagic, M.-L. Nilsson, P. Sandkull and L. Edenbrandt
Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging 26, 151-156 (2006)
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Detection and identification of protein isoforms using cluster analysis of MALDI-MS mass spectra
R. Alm, P. Johansson, K. Hjernø, C. Emanuelsson, M. Ringnér and J. Häkkinen
Journal of Proteome Research 5, 785-792 (2006)
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Screening for rapidly evolving genes in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Paxillus involutus using cDNA microarrays
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Molecular Ecology 15, 535 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF at journal ]

An auxin-driven polarized transport model for phyllotaxis
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A software architecture for developmental modeling in plants: the computable plant project
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Abstract ]

Gene expression profiles relate to SS18/SSX fusion type and development of metastasis in synovial sarcoma
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International Journal of Cancer 118, 1165-1172 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF at journal ]

Comprehensive regional and temporal gene expression profiling of the rat brain during the first 24 h after experimental stroke identifies dynamic ischemia-induced gene expression patterns, and reveals a biphasic activation of genes in surviving tissue
M. Rickhag, T. Wieloch, G. Gidö, E. Elmér, M. Krogh, J. Murray, S. Lohr, H. Bitter, D.J. Chin, D. von Schack, M. Shamloo and K. Nikolich
Journal of Neurochemistry 96, 14-29 (2006)
Abstract ] [ PDF at journal ]


A comparison of ten statistical methods for finding genes in microarray gene expression data based on five criteria
M. Krogh
LU TP 05-47

On the universality of capillary properties
H.-U. Bengtsson and P. Edén
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An experimental screen for genes that have undergone a period of accelerated evolution
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Molecular signatures in childhood acute leukemia and their correlations to expression patterns in normal hematopoietic subpopulations
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Abstract ]

Folding free energies of 5'-UTRs impact post-transcriptional regulation on a genomic scale in yeast
M. Ringnér and M. Krogh
PLoS Computational Biology 1, e72 (2005)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Supplement ]

Toward personal eHealth in cardiology. Results from the EPI-MEDICS telemedicine project.
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Interpretation of captopril renography using artificial neural networks
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Random maps and attractors in random Boolean networks
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Distinct genomic profiles in hereditary breast tumors identified by array-based comparative genomic hybridization
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Signal transduction pathway profiling of individual tumor samples
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Detection of acute coronary syndromes in chest pain patients using neural network ensembles
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Modeling the organization of the WUSCHEL expression domain in the shoot apical meristem
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An improved algorithm for simulations of divergent-light halos
L. Gislén, J.O. Mattsson and B. Söderberg
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Random Feynman graphs
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Gene expression profiling of leukemic cell lines reveals conserved molecular signatures among subtypes with specific genetic aberrations
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Abstract ] [ PDF at journal ]

Intratumor versus intertumor heterogeneity in gene expression profiles from soft tissue sarcoma
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Genes Chromosomes Cancer 3, 302-308 (2005)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ PDF at journal ]

Advanced optics in a jellyfish eye
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Localization of DNA damage by current exchanging repair enzymes: effects of cooperativity on detection time
K. Astrup Eriksen
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Proteios: an open source proteomics initiative
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Gene expression profiling demonstrates that TGF-β1 signals exclusively through receptor complexes involving Alk5 and identifies targets of TGF-β signaling
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An explicit spatial model of yeast microcolony growth
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Robustness in filter designs. Implications for receptor internalization
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LU TP 04-14
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Comparing functional annotation analyses with Catmap
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Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Supplement ]

Detecting acute myocardial infarction in the 12-lead ECG using Hermite expansions and neural networks
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Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 32, 127-136 (2004)
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ACID: a database for microarray clone information
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Upstream plasticity and downstream robustness in evolution of molecular networks
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Improving automatic peptide mass fingerprint protein identification by combining multiple peak sets
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''Good old'' clinical markers have similar power in breast cancer prognosis as microarray gene expression profilers
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Multiclass discovery in array data
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Microarray expression profiling in melanoma reveals a BRAF mutation signature
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Diffusion on complex networks: a way to probe their large-scale topological structures
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A strategy for identifying putative causes of gene expression variation in human cancers
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Journal of the Franklin Institute 341, 77-88 (2004)
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Predicting continuous values of prognostic markers in breast cancer from microarray gene expression profiles
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WeAidU - a decision support system using artificial neural networks
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A connection between gene expression and the strength of transcription factor binding
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LU TP 03-30
Abstract ]

A fuzzy matching approach to multiple structure alignment of proteins
H. Haraldsson and M. Ohlsson
LU TP 03-17
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Postscript ]

Pervasive self-care solutions in telecardiology. Typical use cases from the epi-medics project
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Procedures for simulating divergent-light halos
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An approximate maximum likelihood approach, applied to phylogenetic trees
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Role of ventilation scintigraphy in diagnosis of acute pulmonary embolism. An evaluation using artificial neural networks
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Gene expression profile in multiple sclerosis patients and healthy controls: identifying pathways relevant to disease
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Random graphs with hidden color
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Analyzing tumor gene expression profiles
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RNA analysis of B-cell lines arrested at defined stages of differentiation allows for an approximation of gene expression patterns during B-cell development
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A simple model for the arterial system
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CD44 stimulated human B cells express transcripts specifically involved in immunomodulation and inflammation as analyzed by DNA microarrays
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Microarray-based cancer diagnosis with artificial neural networks
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Predicting the future of breast cancer
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Expression profiling to predict outcome in breast cancer: the influence of sample selection
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Early B-cell factor, E2A, and PAX-5 cooperate to activate the early B cell-specific mb-1 promoter
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Effective field theoretical approach to black hole production
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LU TP 02-10
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A new learning scheme for neural network ensembles
H. Haraldsson and M. Ohlsson
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Enumerating designing sequences in the HP model
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A novel approach to local reliability of sequence alignments
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Value of exercise data for the interpretation of myocardial perfusion SPECT
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Analysing array data using supervised methods
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Stability of the Kauffman model
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The optimal reference population for cardiac normality in myocardial SPECT in the detection of coronary artery stenoses: patients with normal coronary angiography or subjects with low likelihood of coronary artery disease?
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Abstract ] [ PDF ]

Adaptive and self-averaging Thouless-Anderson-Palmer mean-field theory for probabilistic modeling
M. Opper and O. Winther
Physical Review E 64, 056131 (2001)
Abstract ] [ PDF ]

Computing with finite and infinite networks
O. Winther
In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 13 (NIPS '2000), eds. T.K. Leen, T.G. Dietterich and V. Tresp, 336-342, MIT Press (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Ensemble learning and linear response theory for ICA
P.A.d.F.R. Hojen-Sorensen, O. Winther and L.K. Hansen
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Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

The probability of exocytosis: the dependence on Ca2+ sensing latency times, Ca2+ channel kinetic parameters and clustering
J. Galvanovskis and B. Söderberg
LU TP 01-18
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Deterministic annealing and nonlinear assignment
H. Jönsson and B. Söderberg
LU TP 01-16
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Topological properties of citation and metabolic networks
S. Bilke and C. Peterson
Physical Review E 64, 036106 (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ] [ PDF ]

Estrogen receptor status in breast cancer is associated with remarkably distinct gene expression patterns
S. Gruvberger, M. Ringnér, Y. Chen, S. Panavally, L.H. Saal, Å. Borg, M. Fernö, C. Peterson and P.S. Meltzer
Cancer Research 61, 5979-5984 (2001)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Supplement ]

Hydrogen bonds, hydrophobicity forces and the character of the collapse transition
A. Irbäck, F. Sjunnesson and S. Wallin
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An information-based neural approach to constraint satisfaction
H. Jönsson and B. Söderberg
Neural Computation 13, 1827-1838 (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Using hidden markov models to characterize disease trajectories
M. Ohlsson, C. Peterson and M. Dictor
Proceedings of the Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare Conference, ed. G.M. Papadourakis, Milos Island, Greece, 324-326 (2001)
Abstract ] [ PDF at journal ]

Case-based sensitivity analysis for artificial neural networks with applications in medicine
M. Ohlsson and L. Edenbrandt
Proceedings of the Neural Networks and Expert Systems in Medicine and Healthcare Conference, ed. G.M. Papadourakis, Milos Island, Greece, 102-106 (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Classification and diagnostic prediction of cancers using gene expression profiling and artificial neural networks
J. Khan, J.S. Wei, M. Ringnér, L.H. Saal, M. Ladanyi, F. Westermann, F. Berthold, M. Schwab, C.R. Atonescu, C. Peterson and P.S. Meltzer
Nature Medicine 7, 673-679 (2001)
Abstract ] [ PDF ] [ Supplement ]

An independent evaluation of a new method for automated interpretation of lung scintigrams using artificial neural networks
H. Holst, K. Måre, K. Åström, A. Järund, E. Evander, K. Tägil, M. Ohlsson and L. Edenbrandt
European Journal of Nuclear Medicine 28, 33-38 (2001)
Abstract ]

An efficient mean field approach to the set covering problem
M. Ohlsson, C. Peterson and B. Söderberg
European Journal of Operations Research 133, 583-595 (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Monte Carlo update for chain molecules: biased Gaussian steps in torsional space
G. Favrin, A. Irbäck and F. Sjunnesson
Journal of Chemical Physics 114, 8154-8158 (2001)

Adaptive TAP equations
M. Opper and O. Winther
in Advanced Mean Field Methods - Theory and Practice, eds. M. Opper and D. Saad, MIT Press, Cambridge (2001)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]


A Monte Carlo approach to sequence assembly
E. Sandelin
LU TP 00-32
Abstract ] [ PDF ]

Gaussian process classification and DVM: mean field results and leave-one-out estimator
M. Opper and O. Winther
In Advances in Large Margin Classifiers, eds. A.J. Smola, P. Bartlett, B. Schlkopf, D. Schuurmans, 311-326, MIT Press (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Efficient approaches to Gaussian process classification
L. Csato, E. Fokoue, M. Opper, B. Schottky and O. Winther
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Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Acute myocardial infarction: analysis of the ECG using artificial neural networks
M. Ohlsson, H. Holst and L. Edenbrandt
Proceedings of the Artificial Neural Networks in Medicine and Biology (ANNIMAB-1) Conference, eds. H. Malmgren et al., 209-214 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Sequence design in coarse-grained protein models
A. Irbäck
Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Computational Physics, eds. Y. Hiwatari et al. Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 138, 273-281 (2000)

Three-helix-bundle protein in a Ramachandran model
A. Irbäck, F. Sjunnesson and S. Wallin
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 97, 13614-13618 (2000)

Shuffling yeast gene expression data
S. Bilke
LU TP 00-18
Abstract ] [ PDF ]

A novel approach to structure alignment
M. Ohlsson, C. Peterson, M. Ringnér and R. Blankenbecler
LU TP 00-07
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

On hydrophobicity correlations in protein chains
A. Irbäck and E. Sandelin
Biophysical Journal 79, 2252-2258 (2000)

Folding and design in coarse-grained protein models
C. Peterson
Proceedings of the XVIIth International Symposium on Lattice Field Theory, eds. M. Campostrini et al., Nuclear Physics B (Proc. Suppl) 83-84, 712-714 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Local routing algorithms based on Potts neural networks
J. Häkkinen, M. Lagerholm, C. Peterson and B. Söderberg
IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks 11, 970-977 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Clustering ECG complexes using Hermite functions and self-organizing maps
M. Lagerholm, C. Peterson, G. Braccini, L. Edenbrandt and L. Sörnmo
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 47, 838-848 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Airline crew scheduling using Potts mean field techniques
M. Lagerholm, C. Peterson and B. Söderberg
European Journal of Operations Research 120, 81-96 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]

Gaussian processes for classification: mean field algorithms
M. Opper and O. Winther
Neural Computation 12, 2655-2684 (2000)
Abstract ] [ Postscript ]


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