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CBBP seminars

Seminars take place Mondays at 11:00 at Theory Lab, Room K305-308.

Preliminary schedule


June 13: Hemant Ghayvat

June 27: Aboma Merdasa

Septemeber: Jonas Tegenfeldt
Concentration waves of DNA in microfluidic obstacle array

Previous seminars

Fall 2021 - Spring 2022

May 23: Stefan Wallin
Folding, fold switching and energy landscape of regulatory protein RfaH

May 18: Suze Julia Roostee
Spatial and quantitative analysis of IHC stains in breast cancer

May 02: Anders Björkelund
(Rapid) triage of chest pain patients with respect to acute myocardial infarction

Apr 28: Victor Olariu Ahnell
Cell reprogramming: from a systems perspective.

Apr 04: Malin Hjärtström
Prediction model for breast cancer treatment.

Mar 30: Carl Troein
From biochemical reactions to the fate of stem cells

Mar 21: Patrik Eden
Basic nuisance: size, learning rate, epochs

Mar 03: Fredrik Bertilsson
Modelling of gene regulatory and spatial mechanisms which pattern the early human neural tube

Feb 21: Daesung Cho
Evolutionary properties of neural networks: Exploration of robustness and evolvability in the genotype-phenotype map

Feb 07: Carl Troein
Challenges in MCR-ALS analysis of spectroscopic imaging data

Dec 13: Nils Ryde
Spectroscopy  challenges in astrophysics

Dec 6: Anders Irbäck
Putting lattice proteins on a quantum annealer

Nov 22: Axel Nyström
Serial ECG analysis using machine learnin

May 24: Emil Andersson
A multi-scale dynamical model for T cell development

May 17: Victor Olariu
Models of direct cell reprogramming

May 3: Tobias Ambjörnson
"Pandemics modelling 101”

April 12: Anders Irbäck
Simulating protein droplet phase diagrams

Spring/Fall 2020

Nov 30: Carl Troein
Infrared spectroscopy methods and data processing challenges

Nov 16: Björn Linse
Multiple imputation by chained equations

Mar 9: Emil Andersson
Constructing energy landscapes of logical gene networks

Mar 2: Anders Irbäck
Simulating protein droplet formation

Feb 24: Jens Krog
Photophysical image segmentation

Feb 10: Victor Olariu
3D model of the neural tube patterning

Calculations on a whiteboard.  Photo.

Seminar archive

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