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Lund Observatory

Astronomy research at Lund University dates back to its very beginning. 

Lund University was founded in 1666 and one year later Anders (Andreas) Spole was appointed professor and "Cosmographus et Ptolemaicus".  Among other things he was to teach theoretical astrophysics, spherical trigonometry and navigation.  Since then several known astronomers have worked and studied at Lund Observatory, including Alex Möller, C.V.L. Charlier, Knut Lundmark, Frida Palmér and Carl Schalén,

Through the centuries astronomers have done their observations, analysis, calculations and teaching in various buildings around campus, including both Kungshuset, the old observatory in the City Park and out in Jävan, which lies a 20 minute drive east of Lund.

For the past couple of decades Lund Observatory has been located at Sölvegatan 27, which happens to be the highest point in Lund. There we have a collection of telescopes, both modern and historical.  These telescopes are mostly used for education while our researchers use large international ground and space based observing facilities for their research.