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Laboratory Astrophysics, ASTM15, 7.5 hp

The course is given the second period of the spring semester in odd years.

The course is given in English


The course treats areas in atomic physics that are needed for analysis of astrophysical spectra, from which the chemical composition of stars and the interstellar medium can be determined and from which information about different atomic processes in cosmical plasmas can be extracted. The course also treats the physical basis for model atmospheres of stars and models of other cosmical plasmas.

From the content: Atomic structure and spectra of atoms and ions with several valence electrons. Experimental and theoretical determination of different atomic parameters of astrophysical relevance. Radiative transitions. Excitation and de-excitation, ionisation and recombination. Acquisition and analysis of stellar spectra. Influece of observational and physical parameters. Determination of stellar parameters. Construction of a synthetic stellar spectrum based on a stellar atmosphere in thermal equilibrium. Interpretation of different types of spectra and spectral lines.