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Fundamental theoretical physics, FYTA12, 30 hp

The course is given during the spring semester every year.

The course is given in Swedish


This course is intended to teach the fundaments of theoretical physics with some emphasis on its mathematical formulation. It consists in two parts, Classical Physics and Statistical Physics, that run in parallel in order to explore and emphasize similarities between the two perspectives. The Classical Physics part treats Mechanics based on the Principle of Least Action, with emphasis on symmetries and conservation laws; Special Relativity with a focus on relativistic kinematics; and Electrodynamics based on Maxwell's equations, with some emphasis on optical applications. The Statistical Physics part treats Classical Statistical Mechanics, based on Boltzmann's entropy concept; Quantum Mechanics as described by the Schrödinger equation; and Quantum Statistics where the two are joined - with a wide spectrum of applications, from DNA-copying and quantum computers to the Universe as a hologram.