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Undergraduate courses

Astronomy  semester, period
Basic AstronomyASTA03, 7.5 hpAutumn, not given until further notice
Conditions for Life in the UniverseASTA04, 7.5 hpSpring even years, not given until further notice
The Universe and the QuarksASTA05, 7.5 hpSpring odd years, not given until further notice
Galaxies and CosmologyASTA33, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Radiation Processes and Stellar AtmospheresASTA34, 7.5 hpSpring, 1
Introduction to AstrophysicsASTB01, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1
AstrobiologyASTC01, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Bachelor's Degree ProjectASTK02, 15 hpAutumn and spring
Theoretical physicssemester, period
Fluid DynamicsFYTA14, 7.5 hpSpring, 2
ElectromagnetismFYTB13, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1 and Spring, 2
Classical mechanics and special relativityFYTB14, 7.5 hpSpring, 1
Bachelor's Degree ProjectFYTK02, 15 hpAutumn and spring
The Scientific MethodSASF10/MNXA19, 7.5 hpSpring, 1

Advanced courses

Astronomysemester, period
High Energy AstrophysicsASTM12, 7.5 hpSpring, 2, odd years
Dynamical AstronomyASTM13, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Laboratory AstrophysicsASTM15, 7.5 hpSpring, 2, odd years
Observational Techniques and InstrumentationASTM18, 7.5 hpSpring, 2, even years
Extragalactic AstronomyASTM19, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1, odd years
Planetary SystemsASTM20, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1, even years
Statistical Tools in Astrophysics
ASTM21, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Computational AstrophysicsASTM22, 7.5 hpSpring, 1
Stellar Structure and EvolutionASTM25, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1
Master Degree Project ASTM31, 60 hp
Theoretical Physicssemester, period
Mathematical methods of physicsFYTN01, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1
Computational physicsFYTN03, 7.5 hpAutumn, 1
Theoretical biophysicsFYTN05, 7.5 hpMoved to Spring, 1
(until further notice)
General relativityFYTN08, 7.5 hpSpring, 2
Classical mechanicsFYTN09, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2, odd years
Introduction to Quantum Field TheoryFYTN10, 7.5 hpSpring, 1
Cosmology and Astroparticle PhysicsFYTN11, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2, even years
Systems Biology - Models and ComputationsFYTN12, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2, even years
Symmetries and Group TheoryFYTN13, 7.5 hpSpring, 1, odd years
Introduction to artificial neural networks and deep learning FYTN14, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Statistical mechanicsFYTN15, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Theoretical particle physicsFYTN18, 7.5 hpAutumn, 2
Masters degree projectsFYTM03, 30 hpAutumn and spring
FYTM04, 60 hpAutumn and spring

Courses for PhD-students

Note that these are not always given at a fixed schedule, contact the responsible teacher if you are interested.

Some are run together with master level courses.

Astronomi och Astrofysiksemester, period
Dynamics of Planetary SystemsNAAS001, 7.5hp
Physics of NebulaeNAAS002, 7.5hp
Statistical Tools in AstrophysicsNAAS003, 7.5hp
Topics in Theoretical AstrophysicsNAS001F, 7.5hp
Galactic DynamicsNAS002F, 7.5hp
Milky Way as a Galaxy
NAS003F, 7.5hp

The Faculty of Science has a list of faculty-wide postgraduate courses and graduate schools

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The department of Physics, Science Faculty, Engineering Faculty and Center for Gender Studies has a course in Gender in Science and Technology (MNXA02, GEMF05, GNVB05).

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